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At last, a simple way to sign in to any website.

White Key

Cloakey is a hardware token or "key" that plugs into your computer. When you visit a website that requires a password, simply touch your key instead of typing a password. Cloakey sends the correct password for that website and signs you in.

Cloakey is safe and simple to use. Allows you to use strong passwords without having to remember them or write them down. You can set your own PIN number to protect your key in case it's lost or stolen. Using Cloakey is just like using an ATM machine. You insert your key and enter your PIN number.

Secure - Cloakey protects you from common threats including phishing, key loggers and other forms of eavesdropping. Provides strong two factor authentication when combined with your own PIN.

Easy - Sign in to your favourite websites without having to remember passwords. It works with your existing accounts and your web browser.

Portable - Carry your key with you between work and home or when you travel. Use it on any computer even in public places.